The skinny bullet is basically the fat bullet on a diet. It is narrower and thinner. Again modelled off the success of the high performance Brooko roundtail quad the Skinny is designed for those who want a medium type of width and a flat deck as has the fat version but thinner on the stringer. As I have said in the past you can add width to quads without any negatives, so by some standards even the skinny bullet still may seem wide but I push for the punter to go shorter rather than narrower as the design is a great paddler anyway.
The bottom shape is slightly different in the tail area but still retains the centre concave and nose hull. The Fat Bullet has a longer deeper vee in the tail that falls into a concave over 2 feet up from the tail. Being so wide and having a deep concave forward the Fat Bullet needs a longer vee to control the excess width. The Skinny Bullet has the concave running further back between the front fins and the vee pops up suddenly in the last 6 inches, simply because the board is narrower and a longer vee is not needed. This puts a lot more rail line curve into the last foot of the rail rocker giving the board a little more twitch for those who want instant response and a shorter arc very handy when you are tight in the pocket and feeling your way around.

I think the Skinny is a great alternative for those that chase solid long hollow reef waves like Indo etc. I see so many guys up there on these little needles that may sit in the barrel nicely (coz they are so narrow) but they are hard work picking up these fast moving waves and getting in late usually ends up mostly in disaster. The Skinny planes into solid waves so much earlier due to the low nose entry, hull and increased area under the chest. The narrower back half of the board and two fins on the rail do the rest to give them even better rail cling than the “needles” and twice as much speed. This all adds up to survival particularly for those who lose a lot of bark. The Skinny is still wider than the normal needles and consequently do not need to be as long even in the bigger stuff.
Like the Fat version the skinny is also a very versatile board and if I was forced to take only one board on a boat trip this one would be a “lay down Mazzair”.

6.0 X 19 X 2 ¼
6.2 X 19 ¼ X 2 5/16
6.4 X 19 ½ X 2 3/8
6.6 X 19 ¾ X 2 7/16


Hi Murrey,

Ok… so an email as promised.

Took both to Bali (Lombok) last week (5’10 Burton Quad and 6’2 Skinny Bullet).

Had waves from 4′ to about 8′, left + rights at different breaks, with some real power

The 5’10 was great in the smaller waves and I could really flick it around on the nice, powerful, long walls.

It paddled in OK for a small board over there.

However, the 6’2 really came into it’s own in the bigger conditions.

It sits that same for me in the water, but the extra 4″ makes a real difference when paddling and also easier to get into the bigger waves.

It seems to be (as promised) a fast board that can really turn when you but your back foot into it.

I used it up to about 8′ (Outside Ekas) and some big Inside Ekas, did some “all-time” drops and had no trouble picking off all the sets I wanted.

Hopefully, this weekend I’ll get to use it at Terrigal Point (my favorite local wave), let you know how it goes there….


Neale Mace

Hi Muzz,

It’s been a while since you sent me my 6’3 skinny bullet so I have had some time to give it a decent run in a few different waves and I have to agree with the other testimonials about this board, that it is with out a doubt the beez knees. It feels great in the water, fast down the line and so much more responsive than my other boards. I’ve ridden the bullet at every opportunity and loved every minute, and with the exception of riding my old mal on a few smaller days haven’t touched my other boards which are now thick with dust from sitting in the shed.

I leave for Fiji on Saturday so I’m looking forward to really putting it to the test.

Thanks again mate, all the best.

Chad Murphy

Hi Murry,
Good to see you are still going to be shaping as i am going to be aftewr a new bullet in the near future.

I have been meaning to let you know how the 6`7″ custom bullet went on our recent trip to the Mentawai islands.

In a nut shell fuken fantastic! I surfed it the whole time as the swell was between 4-6` the entire time with the occasional 8` bombs at icelands.

The 6`6″ bullet as you mentioned previously was a little flighty expecially surfing telescopes around 4-6`, but the 6`7″ custom handled it fantastic.

I ended up being awarded the dark horse award from the boys as they were super impressed with my form espesically when it got sizey. (I put it down to the board giving me plenty of confidence, especially on take off)

Thanks again Muzz, hope all goes well in your new venture and look forward to getting a few more of you in the future.

Regards Justin Jackson (from Tassie)