Mach 2 – 2015 Update

The Mach 2 has been a solid staple from the day Brooko and I hatched it up. This year I thought it needed a little tweaking in order to keep it current. I have widened the nose and tail a touch and slightly reduced the rail thickness. This design was originally for small waves but since the stubby wide nose five fin revolution over the last few years- the Mach 2 has found a new high performance five fin market. In order to service this market I have added some longer lengths to the range.

Since Brooko has been off the tour his input to my designs has increased in leaps and bounds. Having been around the traps for so long and understanding the pressures on the guys on tour to have the best equipment 100% of the time, I know this demand stifles any creative experimentation. The fear of losing forces them into conformity.


The day he retired he said, “right now Muzz hit me with em”, referring to all the stuff I was playing with while he was on tour, but had not asked him to ride due to the above. This is how the Brooko Roundtail Quad design was born.  Perhaps the only one on tour who is not a victim of conformity – Kelly Slater began as the world knows, playing with very small round tail snub nosed quads of which he gave a few to Troy. Troy asked me to do my own version only not as short as Kelly’s but shorter and wider than his current round tail quad. I basically squashed his 6.0 down to 5.8 added extra width and shifted his widest point forward widening the nose and narrowing the tail proportionally.


The con vee stayed the same but I bulked up the rail a bit more due to the board’s shortness. The break from my norm with this design is the fin placement. I was influenced a little by Kelly’s fin sets which were less toed in than normal quads and I figured his reasoning was that because his boards were extremely short he could afford to place them a little more parallel to give the board more run, coz I am sure at 5.2, it was bloody loose enough.

The feedback from Brooko even on the first one was that if he had this board on tour he would be still on tour. Big call for Chopes and Pipe but nevertheless he reckons there is no place on the wave where he cannot put it. I have also put these boards under many other feet and the feedback is compelling so it is time to release it. The market for this model is typically the way above average surfer who wants a fish that will allow him to do what he does in power; in no power


5.6 x 18 ½ x 2 1/8  =  23.23 lts
5.8 x 18 ¾ x 2 3/16  =  24.93 lts
5.10 x 19 x 2 ¼  =  25.95 lts
5.11 x 19 1/8 x 2 ¼  = 26.27 lts
6.0 x 19 ¼ x 2 5/16  = 28.9 lts
6.2 x 19 ½ x 2 3/8  = 30.1 lts
6.4 x 19 3/4 x 2 7/16  = 32.24 lts
6.6 x 20 x 2 ½  = 34.37 lts


A short note of thanks for the 6 5 Mk 2 you made me. Those orange top lines look schmick.

Manly here on Saturday was solid 6 ft plus clean perfection with real power and the board was great. It was stable and predictable on steep take offs and wailed down the line on these beautiful walls. It is very smooth to ride. Its volume is fine and it paddled well through the horrible paddles back out to the line up a long way out with bomb sets landing on you, after each ride.  I left the back skeg fin in. It is just what I wanted for these better days.

When summer comes around I will get a new summer board from you, as I sold my last one you made to a happy guy in Phillip Island of all places and he was very happy. The new board  feels slightly lighter than my last bullet type board, which I prefer.
Stay healthy.



Hello Murray,
I thought it was about time that I sent you a bit of feedback. I bought a Troy Brooks quad MK2 6′ 3″ . For your records, I’m 5′ 8″ and weigh 73 kg’s.

To make it a little easier on you (and myself), I’ve decided to list some things in point form regarding the board…

* As you said, the board goes better in cleaner surf… and you’re right.
* Still goes good if the waves are a little bit choppy, as long as there’s not too much side chop, or the waves are too uneven.
* It’s a fast, loose board (which I like).
* Works good in waves from about 0.5 metre clean surf and upwards.
* It loves to carve through fattish sections, with drive.
* Turns great from rail to rail, with momentum.
* This board WANTS to carve from top to bottom down the line, (lets you get vertical too).
* Seems to catch waves a little earlier, with speed right off the mark. (Of course, if the wave is a bit wonky, it’s harder to catch earlier).
* You don’t have to pump the board as much to get your speed up.
* It seems to go where I want it to go.
* I love riding it in sucky/peaky down the line waves (and shorebreaks).
* The board holds great through turns, with control down the line.

I’ve probably forgotten to list some things, but nevermind. All in all, I’ve been having a blast on it. . Great board! Thanks! (-:



Hi Muzz,
 Hope all is well over there, you been getting some decent winter waves to put in some serious research and development I hope! Winter has started off well over here…though have not been down south yet to surf anything solid, luckily we have been getting decent waves not too far out of town!  Have been surfing the Brooko mk2 (5’ 10) and the Brooko mk1 (6’ 3) when it’s that bit bigger…it feels good being able to step up and down between boards without having to change. The ultimate board in my quiver is definitely the Brooko MK2!!!!!

That thing gets me a bag of waves & has really helped my surfing improve!  Had a comment from my mate the other day….he saw one of my waves and thought it was someone else surfing as i actually linked a number of things all together!

Nick Mackenzie


Hey Muzz
 Hope your Indo trip was a huge success, waves and all……. So in love with new MK2, she has been under my feet for a week of small surf then we got a bit of wind swell with a decent size south mixed in, took out MK 6’0? quad went insane…
 All my bros are freaking out over your boards, I even let my tight mates Dane Zaun and Kelly Zaun  give it a go, they ripped on it. Dane Zaun is a top Junior Comp, surfs against Aussie Junior Pro Freestone. All kinds of people asking how to get their hands on one…….. Boards are insane, MK2 is my new go to board for sure, love the response and speed, tons of thanks.  

Cheers Muzz