In the spirit of an ever increasingly specialized world I have decided this year to offer a concise yet functional and durable range that reflects my strengths in the current market.I have endeavoured to keep my range REAL particularly to the everyday surfer / consumer.
That is to say, a design he can understand and one that he can actually ride. By no means have these boards been dumbed down, in fact all these designs have been tested by all levels of talent and come complete with testimonials. There is, I believe, a fine line between high performance and hard to ride!. I have also added an EPS range to these categories where the designs are specific to this medium. Having said that I can customize these designs into PU upon request

The range consists of 5 basic categories.

Fat Bullet
Little Zappa
Sexy Fish
Baby Bat
Little Pirate
Stub Feeder
Frieken Flyer

The High Performance
Smooth Operator
Bottom Feeder
Pick Pocket

Mach 2
Silver Bullet
Pseudo Fish
Fashion Victim
The Missile

EPS Bobby Dazzler
EPS Mach3 5 Finner
EPS High Performance
EPS Frieken Flyer

Skinny Bullet
Reef swallow
The Step Up
Ledge Tamer
Bat Tailed Quad Tow

Below are  some boards from those categories.
For more indepth info on ALL THE MODEL’s check them out in the lists on the right >>>>

The Baby Bat – From The Small Wave Hybrid Category

Firstly the Hybrid Fish designs have created their own niche market and have been very successful around the world . This baby Bat is my most fishiest fish. The shortest, widest and flattest of them all. The Baby Bat has evolved from the Mini Simmons twin keel design and still has the same rolled bottom and very flat forward rocker. the Baby Bat in waves from 1 ft to 5 ft using various fin combinations and even five at one time.


The Ledge Tamer – From The Serious Wave Category

The past history of Murray’s reef exploration throughout particularly, Indonesia- have lent credibility to his serious wave designs such as the Indo Gun and Reef Swallows. Of late the Skinny Bullet has fast become a surprise package in the range which has testimonials pouring in from super stoked customers. The latest design to be released in this category is the new Ledge Tamer which is a suggestion for those who are now taking on what most think are unrideable slabs. Mark Mathews will be riding some of Murray’s designs this year which should give this category the credibility it deserves.


the HPRT-5 – From The High Performance 5 Finner Category

High Performance quads have been constantly attacked in the press particularly by those who live and breathe the world tour and have a one eyed view that high performance can only be achieved by mimicking the boards and moves of the world’s best. Murray has proven that these boards can match the thruster with Troy Brooks and Luke Munro talking them up. The fact that the best surfer in the world has some as keepers no doubt entices some to consider their benefits.


The Slick- From The High Performance  Thrusters Category

The high performance category is still another of his passions, and he has many cutting edge designs worth considering.  The new Slick and Bottom Feeder are right on the money as far as current trends are going.

The feedback from some of Australia’s best juniors is testament to that.






Being in surfboards for so long I have witnessed the gradual erosion of quality in the manufacturing process of the modern day surfboard- so much so I felt compelled to make a statement with this years range.The theme of the Bourton range in 2012 besides cutting edge design is STRENGTH without WEIGHT. With the use of carbon around the tails and some centre strips combined with the BDX glass, standard on 1/3 of the range, and an option for the whole range. The Bourton range is subliminally stating a message that a surfboard need not be a temporary tool. The Bourton label is striving to give the customer full value for their money where light and strong can now be offered without the fear of an early loss..