I remember way back in 92 watching a vid shot by Martin Daley up in the bridge of Indies one while anchored in the Key hole at Lances. It was of Tom Curren riding a Tommy Peterson fireball fish in solid 10 waves at Bower off the Hinakos. Anyone else would have been going sideways but we are talking Curren here! He nursed the thing through some mind boggling barrels and I remember Daley saying, “ you watch, I bet once people see this footage, fish boards will become all the rage”. I scoffed at the time but sure enough the fish became the alternative to the all too thin and narrow Slater inspired Merricks that were sinking to the bottom for most of the punters that blindly chose Kelly’s path .
Consequently I came out with my own fish not long after. At this point in time most surfers were one board punters as the notion of a quiver was not affordable and in most minds, not necessary. This meant if you went for the full blown fish and it was your only board ,then you were left wanting when the surf got big. The full fish thing was not selling for this very reason so I came out with the Pseudo fish which was the fish you were having when you were not baiting your hook. It was really a narrower look alike, that pretended to be a fish – hence the title, but it was right on the mark for the mood of the time. Up to this day the pseudo fish has been my best seller since its inception 15 years ago. Ironically this board has never been ridden by any of my team riders, yet it has been a best seller – work that out?
One of the reasons for the Pseudo’s longevity is that it has moved with the times. It began as a reverse vee with bonza bottom and later morphed into a con – vee with a bonza bottom. The rocker has not changed too much since it is primarily a small wave board that needs run from its bottom curve.

The 2011 Pseudo has had however a massive face lift. It suffered because of its age and needed some serious updating. The last few years there has been movement toward shorter and wider noses in the normal Go – To, so being a fish or a pretend fish, the pseudo could endorse this direction comfortably by going wider, particularly in the nose, but without losing the pointed nose. Also the rails have become a little boxier for quicker release and versatility in less than perfect conditions. With the constant demand for more vert and comfort in tight situations the new Pseudo has more tail flip meaning the longer tail vee and bonza concept had to finally go. It has been replaced with a deepish single double through the front fins suddenly transforming and exiting as a sudden 4mm deep vee in the last 10 inches. This gives the board back its ping through the squirt of the deep concave that could have been lost with the extra tail flip, moreover the extreme rail line curve in the tail created by ramming  a concave up against a vee in such a short distance.This rail curve enhances its on rail performance when laying into tight turns in the hollowest parts of a wave. Another useful advantage of the sudden deep  little tail vee is that it helps decrease the water pressure at the very end of the tail allowing the designer to employ a little more width between the swallow tips without loading too much pressure back on the fins.
Since the concept of the 5 finner has become accepted if only in most cases, for marketing purposes (to make a quad more sellable) I thought that this model would suit the idea as it is still not too wide in the tail for a thruster,  nor too narrow to be an effective quad . This adds to the pseudos versatility where the quad mode will give you an unfair advantage in long heaving barrels and the thruster mode in general high performance conditions.
I wonder if the unpopularity of the swallow tail itself particularly in normal mid range boards is due in point to the perceived vulnerability of the two points that can be broken off easier without a timber stringer in support. I often hear that when I suggest a swallow tail to a customer. Well there can be no excuses with the new Pseudo which sports a carbon strengthened rail and swallow tips. Even a leg rope slash will be avoided with this muscle. I have designed this range from 5.10 to 6.6. The previous Pseudo range ran into longer lengths for bigger guys but I believe there are many other bigger guy designs out there these days that would in my opinion offer more than the Pseudo at those longer lengths.
5.10 x 18 7/8 x 2 3/16
6.0 x 19 1/8 x 2 ¼
6.2 x 19 3/8 x 2 3/8
6.4 x 19 5/8 x 2 ½
6.6 x 19 7/8 x 2 9/16

Where does the Pseudo fish fit into the market ?
It will be surfed in the same conditions as the Bottom Feeder and DH’s Project 15 range but by a different client. The Pseudo’s market is the average to above average surfer who wants a tail that is loose, but with bight and projection in small to almost medium size waves and has importantly, more paddle than the conventional thruster. Certainly not the guy that has aspirations in pro surfing because he will mimmick what the pros ride.


Hey Murray
Sorry for the amount of time it’s taken me to get you this feedback but I wanted to try the board in some different surf. The Pseudo Fish pretty much does everything you said it would. The board just loves to be in the pocket and is super easy to handle there. It still generates a good amount of speed and holds that speed out of your bottom turn.

Having said that it has no trouble out on the shoulder or on a bit of a flat spot. Don’t think I would use it over 5 foot but bigger fins may make it worth a try. All in all, this boards fucken great. It’s the funnest thing I’ve ridden in years and it’s good to paddle as well so I actually get a fair few waves now.

Cheers for all the advice Murray you took a lot of the confusion out of. Confusion created mostly in surf shops. You understood what I wanted and sorted me a board that delivered it.
If you want to chop this up and use it as testimonial go for it, or if you want me to write something a bit more specific let me know.
Cheers again

Nathan Bartlett


Hi Murray

I have gotten 2 psuedo fish boards from Muzz over the last 12months and have found them to be great all round boards. The fist one I got was great and then talking with Muzz we made a few minor changes to the second one I ordered, and once I got the board under my feet it was exactly what I had in my head I wanted the board to be like.

After being able to talk closely with Muzz about my boards there is not a chance I will be changing shapers, I can assure Muzz I will be a life time client. I would be happy to recommend Muzz to anyone looking for a new board, he is very approachable, and doesn’t just take the order and send the board out, he is always in contact making sure every detail is correct.’

Brad Williams
Warrnambool Victoria