The Twinza design made a brief appearance during the demise of the twin fin era- in a vain attempt to evolve into a design that would extend the DNA of the Twinny era. At that point in time there was the single fin camp versus the Twin fin camp championed by MR. Mark stuck with his twinnies but then came along a guy named Simon and the Twinza with its Twinny father died a sudden death.

Jump 25 years into the future where the quad has emerged as an alternative to the dominance of the three finned brigade, or, if anything, for many- an addition to ones quiver for specific purposes. Indeed the quad comes from the Twin Fin family as the thruster comes from the single fin family.

The new generation of quads have fallen into a category which appeals to older guys who want to go short wide and keep a grip, or for high end guys who want to tackle the biggest longest hollowest waves they can find. 90% of the guys that surf Waimea these days surf quad guns – if that is any indication of their holding power.
There has been a slight resurgence of the Twinny of late be it, a tad nostalgic. That is to say there has not been anything new added to this old design, but even so in tiny waves they certainly still have relevance.

Strangely enough my 2017 version of the Twinzaa as I now call it did not evolve from the twin fin, but from the experimenting I have been doing with the rear fins of a quad. Being a little old school I like projection, but do not want to give up on the short arc facility either? So I found myself preferring the bigger fins in the rear. To make that concept work the alpha fins had to be moved more and more forward and more and more inward toward the stringer so as to reduce tracking and encourage pivot. In fact they ended up so far forward they have forced the front sides further up the board as well. It ended up that I had them almost up as far as up from the tail as a twin fin- hence the leaning toward the title “Twinzaa”. What I have found with the big rear fins, is if you angle them out at about 12 degrees they still get the hold through a turn and are still free as a bird from rail to rail. In fact combined with the straighter rail of the plan shape the bottom turn can deliver that much reach you need to pack your lunch. Yet because of the release off the flyer and clustered fin set up you can literally pivot on a dime, features I thought impossible in the same board. Perhaps another design point that might add to this speed is the water pressure created with the flow between the narrow gap of the trailors and front side fins which overlap and create this Ventura jet like squirt. I think from memory this feature was a part of the old Twinza mantra as well.

The Twinzaa is actually the Stinger model with a new fin set. The parallel back half of the planshape championed by the Stinger model made this design perfect for the Twinzaa fin set as it has now a bigger motor with the bigger fins in the back and no resistance from the plan shape when being driven.

One important feature of the Twinzaa is the rear boxes that allow almost 1” of movement so as to allow each surfer to customize the feel and sweet spot by clustering up or back with the rears. I have added a little more carbon support over the rear boxes to give more base strength for the large fin that needs to be there. The board in this pic is a stringerless EPS tortioned up with carbon bands. This model can come in EPS as well as PU.

5.6 x 20 ½ x 2 7/16  = 30.72 lts
5.8 x 20 ¾ x 2 ½  = 32.62  lts
5.10 x 21 x 2 9/16  =  34.61 lts
6.0 x 21 ¼ x 2.5/8   =  36.71 lts
6.2 x 21 ½ x 2 5/8   = 38.39 lts
6.4 x 21 ¾ x 2 11/16   = 40.67  lts
6.6 x 22 x 2 ¾   = 42.83  lts


Hey Muzz,  round 1, Fark mate what a blast!!!  A small wedge wave today to try out the Tazzy twinza, up to chest high and a bit of fun!

Fek me mate right from the get go I was blown away, first wave a fast left and the driving speed was Feken unbelievable ! Second wave I was looking a tad too deep but small enough to give it a try! The hold in the wave like you said allowed me to keep high and drive like I stole it and got the best tube of the day all the way through,  all be it at that size it’s a bit like a greyhound trying to root a tennis ball but what a blast !!

I did have a second thought before going out and slipped the big fins back to the rear position of the boxes.  The rest of the session just went on and on and I kept saying to myself every Feken time you think things can’t get any better and you pull something like this out of the box  farken amazing Mate!!  Amazed me too how maneuverable it is,  just as you said turn on a dime and  explosive of the top!

Fuk, that’s round 1!! Can’t wait to get a few more surfs in different waves to get a good feel for it but couldn’t wait any longer to tell you how farken good it was !!

Thanks again mate!!

Cheers J