Like every successful design, its evolution just continues! I am not into just milking a design until it is dead. Updating a design off the back of a few years of feedback is imperative to its staying power.
The Skinny has become one of my “step up” models due to its success in reef power in Indo.SAM_0890

Originally it was designed as a  “go to”, but as boards got wider and weirder, it found itself to be a bit on the narrower side and with the added bighting power of the  quad  set up; it naturally fell into this new category and has proved itself ever since.

TWEAKS Firstly because this design has a great feel in Indo where the waves are cleaner, I have rolled the deck a little more to give the rails more sensitivity and bight. SAM_0892To encourage customers to keep short I have widened the nose a little more, so if you give up an inch you will not lose any paddle. Also with a slightly wider nose the opportunity for a little less nose lift is worth incorporating in order to keep that extra inch off.

To balance up I have added a little more tail lift to compensate. Thirdly I have widened the tail a tad to increase performance in smaller reef waves, but to get the bight back for the bigger waves I have made the tail very fine and bighty in the last foot of the tail. To keep the integrity of this knife cutting tail I have doubled up on the carbon reinforcement around the pod .SAM_0900 I have also awarded the stock Skinny Bullet a double diagonal glass job as standard, in order to give the surfer the confidence he needs to tackle anything that comes his way without fearing snappage.


6.0 X 19 X 2 ¼  = 26.36 LTS
6.2 X 19 ¼ X 2 5/16  = 28.78 LTS
6.4 X 19 ½ X 2 3/8  =  30.45 LTS
6.6 X 19 ¾ X 2 7/16  = 32.12 LTS
6.8 X 20 X 2 ½  = 34.2 LTS


Hey muzz
Surfed the bullet this weekend twice, wow!
Surfed it at the bowl Saturday and it was super fast and paddled awesome and felt really loose compared to my other board, took a while getting used to. Almost felt like it sat higher on the water too..and I had a jet pack on! Maybe that was just bells.

Paddled out at winki today, and it went unreal. Paddled great, and super clean on rail – I don’t need to try too hard to turn the board unlike my 6’3. And soooo fast..really good transitioning from rail to rail too.  The rocker is noticeably lower at the front, and while it didn’t dive on any wave, I think I just need to get confidence in it on the take off and trust it to do its thing.I feel like I can paddle a bit further back on the board and it is weighted well. Is that the case? 

Overall, sick – and it gives me the confidence in bigger waves which I need at the moment. Can’t wait to try feeder, but it might be a while as the swell might be here to stay.
All the best mate and thanks again,