The HP EPS Report With Troy Brooks

Working with Muzz on the second carbon wrap was pretty cool, and the outcome for the HP-EPS (High Performance – EPS) was spot on. The difference between this board and the last model was a reduction in the carbon and slightly different layout.

This board has all the same characteristics of a normal EPS. Super responsive, skips over dead sections and quick spring back in the flex. But for this version we halved the amount of carbon on the bottom and stopped it at the fins. This gave the board more POP and a bit more flex in tight turns.

The deck still has two strong carbon lines down the middle but we removed the filler carbon between the two lines. Like the last craft the board still feels really strong under foot, allowing for late rio’s and hits on sections that would break most boards. You will see a couple in the video.

The Clip is of the board in action at the Alley Classic, take look and you will see the HP–EPS board is super fast. You can load up on the top turns and curves, then the board springs back fast to continue the speed down the line. Strong under foot in roof tiling floaters and late cracks. Remember this board is light as a feather.epsblog2

Waves for the event were firing, down the line and long.The wind was strong onshore too, so it makes more rail to rail surfing. If you hit the lip and try throw the tail, the wind holds you up and the wave passes you by.

Really think this is one of the best boards I’ve had off Muzz Bourton, the best things about the HP-EPS, they are stronger and feels like it will be in my quiver for a long time.


For More Info Click Here  : Hp-eps-high-performance-eps