The Fat Bullet is a hybrid in the true sense of the word; a mix of the old and new, which demonstrates that blends such as this, can be truly successful. To date the Fat Bullet has been my most successful model through 2010 and 2011 and probably needs minimal modification for 2012.

For those wanting to go shorter and carrying a bit of weight the Fat Bullet is the ticket. This year’s model has a rear centre fin mainly for the use of the new mini keel stabilizer Murray has introduced or also, if need be, the opportunity to ride it as a thruster. Perhaps the most noticeable feature of this model is the cathedral hull positioned under the nose which is designed to lift the front half of the board and makes it twice as forgiving with forward rail catching or pearling.

In addition it increases the paddle power two fold with its hydrodynamic lifting action allowing the paddler to position further forward even though there is reduced nose lift and less nose area as this is a pointier nose.


The forward planning encourages early entry which is what is lacking in shorter boards in general.
The centre of the board is a standard concave and the tail is a vee which helps tip the wide forward concave from rail to rail which is almost a standard in most of my fishes. The deck is very flat with a shouldered rail but is suddenly pinched down and as a result is not too boxy on the perimeter. The idea here is since the board is very wide a pinched shouldered rail will bight better but also release better remembering that quads need no encouragement to go on rail and if too thin on rail will bury too deep and if too meaty will restrict quick rail to rail exchanges.

The Brooko roundtail quad has taught me that with a roundtail you can move the rear fins back a little further and sit them up a more vertical as you have excess looseness to lose in exchange for a little more drive. Remembering that the Brooko was introduced in order to improve the quads vertical capabilities and this is why the fat bullet also incorporates a narrower nose (in the last 18 inches at least) that encourages the board more vertically. At the other end the ball and socket of the round tail also makes this tighter rotation off the bottom more possible thus enabling a more vertical climb up the face. There will not be many fishes out there if any, that will be as capable in this department, as this little chub.

The Fat Bullet will be faster from rail to rail, more vertical than the Bats and more drivey out of bottom turns because of the extra weight you can keep down on your front foot into the bottom before the turn ; due to the hull.
Last but not the least the Fat Bullet more than any of my quads (besides the ones specifically designed for bigger waves) is the most versatile fish on the market today. All thrusters fishes will spin out out over 4 ft if push comes to shove but the Bullets will handle anything that comes their way as they are such good paddlers and are capable of picking up larger waves, plus due to the round tail (reduced surface area behind the rear fins) and the two fins out on the rail which in effect hold the rail to the face; these boards can be turned at super high speeds even though they are wide and short. For a surfer who only intends to ride from two to six feet and wants one board to surf its best in both conditions this little sucker will have its hand up, “Pick me?” “Pick me?”

Stock dimensions

510 x 20 x 2 9/16
60 x 20 ½ x 2 9/16
62 x 21 x 2 5/8
64 x 21 ½ x 2 5/8
66 x 21 ¾ x 2 ¾
68 x 22 x 2 ¾
6.10 x 22 1/8 x 2 3/4
7.0 x 22 1/4 x 2 ¾
7.2 x 22 ½ x 2 ¾
7.4 x 22 5/8 x 2 ¾

Hey Murray
thanks for getting back to me. I think last time we missed each other you were about to head away and then I went on a trip also – this was why I was looking for a board and I was pressed for time.  I only got back a couple of days ago.
As it turns out not long after I spoke to you I wandered into Brett Munro’s shop at the industrial estate and he had a  used 7’2 Fat Bullet on consignment –  I took  that as a sign and grabbed it – largely based on your advice too I should add.

I had only intended for this to be a back up to my regular board but as it turns out the thing was an absolute revelation for me. I had never been to Indo before and have almost exclusively ridden mals for the past 5 years or so  Therefore I honestly didn’t think that your advice about the board would apply to me but as it turned out you were spot on. After getting it out of the cover on day 2 I rode it exclusively thereafter. The board is fast, positive and let me take lines on speed walls to places that I’d never been to before. Good paddler and I really felt that the nose helped on late take offs and also when I was a bit too front foot courtesy of so much longboarding.

Anyway its probably a bummer for you that I’m not ordering a new board but I really do want you to know how stoked I am that your design went so well – it really made the trip for me because at 49 and no great surfer I did things I thought I couldn’t and am now inspired to surf it more and more often. I’ve gotta say also that if I hadn’t found your board reeling down the line on my backhand watching the reef flying by underfoot would have had me shitting rather than smiling.

Thanks again for getting back to me Murray  – for next board or if I  ever get the chance to do another trip away you will definitely be hearing from me.




Dear Murray,
I really must thank you! You have saved my surfing life!
I began surfing in the early 60’s and never really learnt properly as living in London made it very difficult. So years past of just playing! I am now 52 and have been in Oz since 86 and have started to surf again. I have had some smaller boards over the years but decided it was time to get some help.
So I went to Manly Surf School and I now get coaching each weekend.
Struggling with a 6’6″ board, they suggested a larger board to get me up to speed again.

I went to BASE Manly and spoke to Travis there. He was great and I purchased a 7′ Fat Bullet. I love this board!

The board allowed me to catch waves, have time to stabilise myself and then be manoeverable. After a while on this, I bought a second Fat Bullet, a 6’8″. Again with all the above qualities. These boards have been great and continue to make me happy riding them and enjoy my surfing like never before. My surfing has advanced rapidly with these boards. I intend to keep these boards. I will use these in larger surf and bumpy conditions with a wetsuit etc.
I am close to make a leap again to a smaller board again; to have one in my quiver which I am building with all your boards! To be frank, I dont like long’ish boards which I have used to get into waves to date.
I know I want you to shape it. I know I want a quad.
Kind regards


Thanks muzz
Thanks for the fat bullet.. You nailed it for me right down to the millimetre.
Best board in the world for a lazy paddler like me.
Super manouverable & freakishly fast along steep or flat sections.
It’s not often you can walk into a surfshop & speak to a world class shaper face to face, you understood exactly what I was after & sent it direct to my work in Sydney.
Thanks again.. I’m already thinking about my next one from you in twelve months.
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> Hi Murray,
> Finally had the chance to try the new board today – while your never
> really sure what to expect, I’ve go a couple of mates who own them and
> so my expectations were pretty high having copped an ear bashing about
> the Fat Bullet’s for the past year.  I’m a pretty big unit at 110kg’s
> so the 7’2″ was recommended by you.  It tracked really well, the quad
> set up had heaps of bite (when I picked the board up at Cooly Surf the
> fellas there suggested going with a fin upgrade and they were spot
> on), takeoff’s were stable, its an easy board to get into the pocket,
> went like a boiled owl and duck diving was no problem at all.
> Over all stoked with the FB – should’ve got one years ago!
> Best
> Gus
> Byron Bay