The world of surfboard design is from my point of view a very predicable beast punctuated at rare intervals by u turns in thought generated by something profound; be it Tom Curren riding a tiny fish in solid Indo or even Simon at Belles. One thing is sure; when it turns it goes extreme in a particular direction until over time the extremes fail and compromise wins over.
The Snub feeder is a compromise.

The stampede for short boards of late has seen all sorts of bloated stubby sleds appear on the market and indeed I have a few amongst my model range as well, but the thought with the Snub Feeder was simple! The Bottom Feeder model has been one of my most successful high performancesnub1thrusters and a lot of its success is due to its rocker and lateral bottom shape. I have another Feeder called the Stub Feeder- a five finner which is basically just a shorter wider version. The thinking with the Snub Feeder was to keep all the same dimensions as the normal Feeder- but with a snub nose.snub2

This model has an innegra strip on the deck highlighted by a red sprayed strip down the middle . The laminate is the normal 4x4x4 diagonal with carbon tail patch. Strong and light.

5.6 X 19 ¼ X 2 ¼ = 26.3 LTS
5.8 X 19 ½ X 2 ¼ =27.5 LTS
5.10 X 19 ¾ X 2 ¼ = 28.3 LTS
6.0 X 20 X 2 5/16 = 30 LTS
6.2 X 20 ¼ X 2 3/8 = 32 LTS
6.4 X 20 ½ X 2 7/16 = 34 LTS
6.6 X 20 ½ X 2 ½ = 36.20 LTS