The very first Frieken Flyer I made was for myself to surf with my grandkids in tiny surf .I went to the Stinger design and played with it a little by changing it to a round tail, adding an extra wing and digging out a little flute under the wing .

The board is thicker with more roll on the deck and to facilitate my big weakness in ultra-small waves I pushed it out to 23” wide- almost a knee board! It was a success in the small stuff but to my surprise due to using the bigger quads in the back and a mini keel I could control it in 6 ft. surf; and did it fly!

I have been on a parallel type planshape binge of late, due to the success of my Stinger model. It seems that the positive feedback I have been getting from this direction has me inspired to fiddle a little more.


The plan shape of the Frieken flyer is reasonably straight through the middle and is punctuated by 2 sets of wings that do not pull in, but just continue the planshape line. The first one is around 16” up from the tail which is around the leading edge of the front side fin and the rear flyer is at the trailing edge of the fin which gives incredible release to the fins and loosens up a parallel plan shape no end.

I have always liked the feel of the drop wing or fluted flyer as it adds noticeably more bight and ping in a board – and it is only a simple little variation? The design means you have to have a wing or flyer in the board in order to dig the foam out from underneath it. So because this design is quite wide, the flyers helps reduce the tail area to the point where the tail can handle higher speeds, coupled with the drop wing enhancing the bight even more.


There is no doubt this design is aimed at those who need paddle as a number one criteria- which indeed it full fills in spades, but I can tell you it does not fall too short from being a super high performance hybrid small to medium wave board that will accommodate any move the particular client I have aimed it at- would attempt !

5.8 X 20 ¾ X 2 9/16 = 33.01 LTS
5.10 X 21 X 2 9/16 = 34.32 LTS
6.0 X 21 ¼ X 2 5/8 = 36.78 LTS
6.2 X 21 ½ X 2 ¾ = 39.25 LTS
6.4 X 21 ¾ X 2 7/8 = 42.49 LTS


Hey Muz
I had the 6’2 EPS  Frieken Flyer out yesterday in a solid four foot beach break with the big fins in the back as you recommended. I couldn’t  believe the speed and release it had out there. I could really feel the fins and the flutes biting and generating so much speed through the turns. I have always found it difficult releasing off the top and keeping momentum, but I felt like the ff just took me with it. It felt free without being flighty or skatey and I always felt in control. I’m by no means a gun surfer and this board won’t make me into one, but I reckon it’s going to raise my level a couple of notches. I can’t wait to get it out again. (Reckon it’s going to hold me in some bigger surf too )Thanks for a ripper of a board Muz !



Hi Muzz,
Just got back this afternoon from up the coast chasing this south east swell we had for a few days.
Yes have been friken flying everywhere, from beach breaks to point breaks in the last couple of weeks has seen me really getting a feel for the flyer. As you had mentioned earlier when talking about the new Friken flyer, i have found it to be real controllable and explosive when hitting a top turn with a belly full of speed! I would have found myself on the Stinger or  Pinger a little more out of control, but the flyer just loves it and allows me to land a lot more in control to keep it running.


The speed generated with this board is amazing and to unleash it of the top is exhilarating to say the least!! The board pivots a lot more tighter and quicker than my other boards of the bottom, so as you mentioned earlier the rounded tail is a great tail for this board. Well amongst my other go to boards of choice the Pinger and Stinger the Friken Flyer has muscled in and cant wait to explore the possibilities more in the coming months!!


Also Muzz, Stynzie is very chuffed with his board also, has had a couple of surfs and was with him on our points last weekend and he was Friken Flyen and loving it!! No doubt he will continue to explore the possibilities in the coming months!! Once again Muzz thanks for another fantastic board, a slight variation from my others but enough to keep me on my toes and keep the buzz well and truly alive!!
Cheers Justin J.