This design however specialized it is, has been the surprise package of my line up the last few years. Indeed I am amazed how many out there want to die doing what they love. Hopefully this new update will help a few to survive so they can tell their grandchildren how big their gonads really were! I really have not changed much at all besides making the tail a tad wider and introducing a little more face claw with a bat tail. Also I have just moderated the tail lift a little to give it a pinch more drive out of turns in waves that are less severe. NEW TAMER BOTTOM
Perhaps the most significant change is the inclusion of my proven cathedral hull design. Since the lower nose entry has been a feature of the Tamer it was a no brainer to add the hull in order to give it a little more lift up front when needed. I have designed it a little shallower because in the waves it will find itself in will be fast and intense and therefore needs to be more subtle.


Equally there have been a few changes here as well. The feedback I have gotten particularly from WA on the need for strength has been loud and clear even though no Tamers have met their maker over their yet! The particular board shown here has the double diagonal laminates, 4 ply stringer and the carbon strip on the deck. Most pressure comes down on a board deck up; particularly with hell men wrestling to stay aboard so my belief is it is only needed on the deck… Anyway I defy any punters out there to break this model and if you do I need to see some blood as proof.

More Details  Here : http://www.bourtonshapes.com/the-ledge-tamer/

Hey Murray,

I bought your 6-2 Tamer demo late last year and finally got to ride it over Easter down at Cactus. Totally stoked on the board, just felt super stable and locked in with good paddle. I was also surprised at how manouvarble the board was, especially with 3 fins. Surf was solid (for me anyway) and even though i was probably on the least foam got my quota (most days…)

Callan Harding