The new EPS Mach 3 is designed off the Mach 3 PU, but wider and thicker, however still retains a lower rail to facilitate an EPS core. The Mach 2, then the Mach 3 and now the EPS Mach 3 demonstrates a gradual movement toward the need for smaller wave boards that paddle fast and run fast.EPS M-3 PROFILE The Mach series have been one of my most successful models so it was a no brainer for this design to be one of the first to be converted to EPS construction. If you need to learn more design detail about this model refer to the Mach 3 PU.EPS MCH 3 PLAN SHAPE
The Mach 3 has a 4oz double diagonal bottom and the same on the deck. Over this a 6oz carbon reinforced stomp pad running 2/3rds of the board. Besides strengthening the deck in the heavy traffic area it also stiffens up the board flex sort of like a stringer would. To keep the tail super strong there is an extra layer of carbon 6 oz, it is set horizontally so it does not stiffen the tail flex. Stock models of the Mach 3 will come with power base boxes that accommodate FCS fins.M-3 BOTTOM PROFILE


5.6 X 19 ½ X 2 5/16   –  26.02 LTS
5.8 X 19 ¾ X 2 3/8    –  27.76 LTS
5.10 X 20 X 2 7/16   –  29.57 LTS
6.0 X 20 ¼ X 2 9/16   –  31.46  LTS
6.2 X 20 ½ X 2 9/16   –  33 14  LTS
6.4 X 20 ¾ X 2 5/8     –  35.74  LTS