The Little Pinger

I had some smaller diagonal stringered fused pellet EPS blanks left over that were seconds that had been lying around and getting in my way. So I decided to just make something out of them for myself. The longest I could get out of them was 5.9 and the widest 21 3/8 and the thickest 2 3/4. So be it, so proceeded to make a paddler primarily and secondly something I could zip around on when it was small.

Perhaps people do not understand that you actually need a  better paddler in smaller waves than you do in bigger more powerful waves particularly if you are not whippet fit. You are at the bottom of a wave expected to do something before you even know it in small stuff, so you gotta get to your feet real quick.

First and foremost, knowing my canvas was limited, I made the nose lift very flat – 3 3/8” and blew the nose width out to 17 3/16”. Again for paddle put a cathedral hull under the nose for some lift. Since the board was very short and wide in the tail I used two flyers to deplete the tail area and for even more bight I added a couple of short channels exiting out of the flyers. Hopefully this will give the little Pinger some more ping.

The bottom shape incorporates a 4 ml vee through the last third figuring a 17” tail will need some encouragement to rail. The board has the Power base fin system so the back fins can be moved further back if the ping is less than desired. Have also included a little keel again to steady too much twitch.

It could even be that bigger fins in the rear than what is in the front may be the ticket that delivers. I have glassed it light and ran a carbon reinforced vee strip bordered by the timber stringers right up the deck. Within this carbon glass area is where 70% of denting occurs so it is there for a good reason. Anyway the jury is still out.

I rode it for the first time today at the Alley in mush and was not impressed with my ability to get to my feet as quick as you need to on a board this short. It passed the paddling test though, so I at least got that right. 
Will keep you posted. Muzz