The Double Ender………..

OUT OF THE THE BOX – 6.1  DOUBLE ENDER  6.1 x 21 x2 11/16  35.5

This board was a chop down of one of my Little Pirate models. It has a concave all the way through the guts and is punctuated by a short deepish vee out the tail.  The rails have a little bulk in them as do the traditional double enders. The nose rocker is minimized but that is subsidised with more tail lift.

With a little lean toward some of Neil Purchase Juniors designs I thought this board deserved a 2+1 option.  The bigger alpha single fin can be moved up close to the front fins if warranted in order to get maximum pivot in the waves where there is not much wall going on.

In quad mode this board will surf like the Pirate since it shares the DNA ,which will provide plenty of speed and manoeuvrability .

This particular board would float a guy from 80 to 90 kilos.  I have given the board a bit of a retro look with a loose type rail spray and the inclusion of my old Pipedream decals.