If you are after a board that is hard “n” fast this is the craft for you.
Muzza has been working on a new development with me as the test pilot. The idea to create something super high tech, high performance, very strong and still light. Using all the new materials available today. The HP – EPS (High Performance – Expanded Polystyrene) was created.Picture2

The HP-EPS is stringerless, which on it’s own would be too flexible and pretty weak. No back bone.
The idea is to place varies carbon strips, in the right places, to give strength and the “right” amount of flex.
The board is also from an Epoxy resin, which react in the same way they sound.

Try and tap on a regular PU surfboard and then tap on an Epoxy surfboard. The Epoxy gives off a higher pitched, faster sound. When surfing an Epoxy you get a quicker spring and faster response. Great in clean conditions, great in steep hollow beach/reef breaks but when the winds swings you feel every bump. I don’t mind it feel but some think otherwise.

I’ve surfed this board all year. Throughout Jan and Feb we had plenty of board snapping conditions. Sand grinders all the way down the Superbank. The HP-EPS held strong.

Picture1In past seasons, I’d have broken 2-3 boards a month in the same surf. Either I just made every tube (definitely not) or this creation was stronger. There is plenty of carbon top and bottom for strength. Check out the tail underneath and you’ll see the fan out before the back fin. This is to give a little more flex where it is needed.

The tail is where all the turning is done, the same reason we add rocker, to turn tighter but the flex gives a kick back for speed out of the turn.

Performance wise, the board goes really well. We dropped the carbon wrap onto an already proven model, so I already knew the board. The good thing about strength in a surfboard is confidence. Your able to do things that would break a normal PU 50% of the time,hit sections later, floaters on to flats, airs and take off on a few more un-makeable tubes. 5 stars for this little puppy.

All photo’s from Bosko